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Newspaper clippings : Mangalam Buddha : June 1999

Just before the submission of my thesis entitled "Buddhism in the Chola country" (in Tamil, Ph.D., Tamil University, Thanjavur 613 010, 1999) I happened to find a Buddha statue in Aravandi Amman Temple in Mangalam near Musiri, Trichy district of Tamil Nadu. The statue was in padmasana sitting posture. All the features found in the Buddha statues of the Chola country were found in this statue, with the addition of moustache. The Buddha was worshipped as 'Chettiar'.  The speciality of the Buddha statue was it had moustache. Historian Mr. K.Sridharan helped me to identify the statue. Dr Kudavayil Balasubramanian was instrumental to get the finding published in newspapers. My guide Dr G. Bhaskaran encouraged me during my research work. I thank them and share the paper clippings pertaining to the Buddha. This was the first finding and widely found in the media. A look into the clippings which appeared two decades back, with due thanks to the newspapers.   தி