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Coromandel: A Personal History of South India : Charles Allen : My work quoted

Since the submission of my Ph.D., thesis entitled "Buddhism in the Chola country" (1999) (in Tamil) in Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, I have seen in many places the citing of my work. When I started writing my book on this topic, I searched for some more additional information. At that time I happened to see the citing of my Ph.D., thesis in some books.  I registered for my research in 1993. For the past two and half decades, I have seen my work being referred to i n so many places . Many scholars have discussed about it. The importance of my research could be understood by me. Recently, while referring some works I came across the clippings from the book "Coromandel: A Personal History of South India" written by  Charles Allen  (Little Brown Book Group, London, 2017). In this book the starting of my research from 1993, finding of Kandramanickam Buddha and Kranthi Buddha and identification of 60 Buddha statues during the field study etc., have been